Ricardo Carty popularly known as Ricky Carty is a young Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall Business Man, Recording Artist, Model, and Celebrity.  His love for music and making people happy is what ignites his passion for the performing arts and goes by the motto ‘Let me show you how.’

Early Life

Raised in Duhaney Park, St. Andrew, he attended the prominent Ardenne High School where he participated in several curriculum activities. At only 12 years old Carty demonstrated his first interest in music by establishing a group with his cousins known as ‘Triple C’ where they wrote and performed several singles surrounding school life and other educational content. By the age of 13 years old the group was disbanded. Carty then became a citizen of the United States in November of the same year through naturalization by his father. After finishing high school in Jamaica he then left to continue pursuing his education in the US. After four months in college where he majored in business, Ricky Carty decided he had enough and concluded that college would not the place for him to actively pursue his dreams as entertainer so he called it quits.

Introduction to Dancehall Music

At the age of 20 years old, he went back to his native country to start his journey and was introduced to a studio in August Town, St. Andrew by his manager at the time who allowed him to record his first controversial single ‘Gal Tek it’. The video for ‘Gal Tek It’ which was released in January 2014 featured a fully naked female who performed sexual acts on the young entertainer and it was a huge viral success with a bitter family reaction, in particular his mother. “No mother really wants to see their son turn to controversial marketing strategies to promote their music especially using nudity, but I felt that I needed to get into the industry and I did” shared Ricky Carty. His aim to get media’s attention was in fact a success as the artiste landed his very first front page feature in the Jamaican Star as well as interviews on several radio and television programs.

Ricky Carty then made a conscious decision to release a collaboration entitled ‘No Glove, No Love’ with female recording artiste Teesha Rain. The song produced by his own label Bright Light Records spoke about safe sex and created awareness about HIV; he added, “this collaboration was my way of showing the that I am all about the music not just some meaningless repugnant fame guzzler” he also went on the mention “otherwise I could care less what anyone thinks, the world has bigger problems to deal with”. Shortly after Ricky Carty was introduced to Time Zone Entertainment’s Donovan Thomas in April 2014 who saw the star potential in Carty. The two started doing business right away and Carty landed in Brooklyn New York to make a personal appearance in May 2014. News of Carty’s arrival quickly caught on in the music community of New York as he made an appearance at Summer Jam in June and stayed back stage with the major players of the hip hop industry. After this festival recording sessions were booked hence the release of his first hit single ‘Happy Place’ and the follow up Dancehall Soca Song late 2014 and early 2015 respectively. This was the official Start of brand Ricky Carty with many more hit records to emerge in the year 2016 with a hand picked staff and a fast developing skill.

Musical Style and Influence

During the development of his career which started in, Carty says he listens to all genres of music especially that of popular ‘pop’ music. “In pop they approach the ideas in many different ways which I find very exciting” said Carty adding that “Those ideas on with our music is definitely magical”. He says he is always ready to challenge himself and promises to deliver a lot of witty flows and infectious melodies.


‘I will do my best to keep my fans happy and entertained’ was a well renowned statement by Ricky Carty who says he promises to live up to that by hard work and dedication. Carty also has a very soft spot for the Ladies and aims most of his efforts to providing them with pleasure and a peace of mind. His ultimate goal is to broaden the reach of dancehall and provided meaningful entertainment to the world.